There are so many sites offering free stock photos, but many of them are filled with low-quality photos of so-called social media photographers which have made the job of finding high-quality photos more difficult than before. And in order to ease your job a bit, I made a list of a few photography websites templates that stand out and offer high-quality free stock photos. is a photography website where you can find a lot of free stock images in high resolution. It also has an adaptable search feature allowing you to easily browse through the available images and be able to view the top ranked and most popular free stock images.

In addition, gets thousands of images uploaded daily and they are all uploaded under a creative public domain without any attribution required

Burst (by Shopify)

Shopify created Burst to provide free stock photos for entrepreneurs. Burst has protected the photos a license which everyone can use freely.

The prime idea of Burst is to offer free stock images and photos for commercial use for entrepreneurs so they can use them to create better marketing campaigns, products and services, and websites. The photos that are uploaded are made so they can be fit for different business niches making it perfect to upload your free stock images on.


If you’re a food blogger, FoodiesFeed is the place for you. It has a directory of beautiful high-resolution photos of food that can be used and downloaded freely, which makes these photos for commercial use the perfect fit to upload on your blog.


Unsplash is a website for high-resolution photos for commercial use which has become one of the most used photography websites. The reason behind this is that the team of Unsplash looks detailly in the newly uploaded free stock images and selects a few that will get displayed on the website’s homepage. This makes Unsplash the perfect place for talented photographers to give a try to get shown on the homepage and get the needed exposure.

While these photography websites give you the chance to display your skills, you have to master your niche to be able to succeed in this field. One main advice every expert photographer gives is to continue practicing every day and always to be in search of new and authentic photos. The best way to success in photography is to stand out with your art and style.

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