Royalty Free Images for Commercial Use: What is The Difference between Royalty-Free and Copyrighted Images

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Today, there is a growing need for royalty free images for commercial use! Discover what is the difference between royalty-free and copyrighted images!

With hundreds of thousands of new websites being designed each day, there is a growing need for web developers, web designers, and web owners to obtain royalty free images for commercial use. When it comes to designing a website, the photos are an absolute must. They represent your brand, the products and services you are selling, certain ideas, concepts, new articles, and we can say it with confidence that their value is incalculable.


The photos, images, and illustrations add a different interest to the website. They create an impact that a blog post or an article with no photo doesn’t and it is proven that it can result in a website or blog being much more popular and high ranked than it might otherwise be. According to a research, the use of photos provides an additional interest. The photos break up boring blocks of text and they make the web pages visually more appealing. The end result of all of this is that readers stay longer on the website and they even read the articles or the blog post.

We can all agree that photos are a necessary and very important requirement. The next step would be to find appropriate photos that will suit your commercial uses. However, this is the point where many make their first mistake. Almost everyone searches the internet for copyright free photos when it should be royalty free images.

When a person takes a photo, they own the copyright on the photo, which means that the photo can’t be used in a legal way without a release of the copyright and this is a pretty expensive thing to do. Even if that photo is published in a magazine, newspaper or online it doesn’t mean that you can use it. The photo can be used only when the owner sign over or release the copyright to someone else. Using this photo on your website or blog is a very risky thing to do and it may come with serious consequences.

Another way of using photos for commercial use is to use an image and pay a royalty every time you use the photo. This is an expensive option and small businesses, startups or beginners don’t want to get involved with these photos.

The best option you can use is using royalty free images. These images are where a one-time fee is paid and you are given a license to use the photos for no extra fees. Keep in mind that there are a few forms of royalty free deals, many will allow you to use the pho only a specified number of times, others will allow only private use, so it is recommendable to check the details before you sign up the agreement. There are many royalty free websites that you can use and most of these websites have no restrictions on royalty free photos for commercial use. These websites are great as they allow more freedom and a great selection of photos at the same time.

Of course, it is important to keep in mind that even if you are using royalty free images, the copyright of the photo still exists, so you are not allowed to resell that photo. You can use it for your own personal or commercial projects but you can’t resell it as this is not a legal thing to do.

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